About Us

Word of God Christian Counseling Center was founded in 2000 by Gene Wagstaff to help people become free from reoccurring personal and marriage problems. We are a Christian counseling ministry that relies on the power of Jesus Christ to bring complete and lasting healing. We believe that unresolved spiritual issues are the root cause of most of the problems that we have in our lives and that once these spiritual issues are resolved through prayer and the leading of the Holy Spirit, the problems will cease to exist. Personal counseling is pastoral based and is available for a wide range of problems.lobby

We also teach marriage seminars in order to instruct couples on how to practically apply the Word of God in their marriage and other relationships.

Prayer counselors in this ministry do not diagnose mental, emotional or physical disorders nor do we “treat” those disorders as that is the job of licensed professionals.

Prayer counselors are not licensed by the State of South Carolina as a “licensed marital or family therapist”, “licensed marriage and family therapist”, “marital or family therapist”, “marriage or family counselor”, “licensed professional counselor”, “professional counselor”, or “licensed counselor”, nor do we hold ourselves out to the public or advertise ourselves to do any of the above.

Prayer counselors are ministers of the gospel using prayer and the word of God (biblical pastoral counseling) to help individuals be free of and be at peace from many spiritual and life issues using biblical principals learned at numerous biblical counseling schools such as Elijah House Prayer Counseling and Training Center, Theophostic Ministries, other prayer counseling schools and the word of God.

Using biblical principals and helping individuals work through their spiritual pain from past unresolved spiritual issues such as un-forgiveness, prayer counselors often help individuals be free or at peace from many life behaviors such as anger, depression, addictive behaviors and marriage and family issues by resolving the spiritual issues in that individual’s life that have led existing life problems.