Fee Schedule

Fees/Suggested Donations

This ministry is supported entirely on donations, gifts, and offerings you and others give. Since ministers are not salaried they are therefore dependent on your gifts and donations for their source of income.

What you donate is our income for the time we spend with you. We are a private ministry and earn our wages based on what you and others give (donate) for our ministry services.

You may refer to the scale below to determine the suggested donation fee according to your annual gross income:

            Annual Gross Income ($)          Donation per hour ($)

           0-60,000                         40.00  per hour

   60,000-65,000                        45.00  per hour

   65,000-70,000                        50.00  per hour

   70,000-75,000                        55.00  per hour

  75,000-80,000                         60.00  per hour

  80,000-85,000                         65.00  per hour

  85,000-90,000                         70.00  per hour

  90,000-95,000                         75.00  per hour

  95,000-100,000                       80.00  per hour

100,000-105,000                       85.00  per hour

105,000-110,000                       90.00  per hour

110,000-115,000                       95.00  per hour

115,000-120,000                     100.00  per hour

120,000-125,000                     105.00  per hour

125,000-130,000                     110.00  per hour

130,000 and up                       120.00  per hour

            Please read the following very carefully

If you feel that you cannot afford to donate $40.00 per hour for counseling services, we ask you to coordinate with your home church for financial assistance.

Most churches that refer individuals to us also provide financial assistance. Ask your church to what degree they will help you financially towards your counseling.

If you have coordinated with your church and are unable to find financial assistance we will not turn you away. However, you will still be asked to give toward the $40.00 per hour fee according to what you feel you can afford.

Please examine your life and see what you are able to sacrifice for counseling such as not going to movies, not going out to eat and other things in your life that can be temporarily sacrificed so that you can pay for your counseling services or give an amount towards the $40.00 donation.

We will not turn anyone away due to lack of finances or ability to pay for counseling services. We are a ministry and will see you regardless if you can or cannot pay for services.

Due to our own financial commitments we are limited to the number of individuals we can minister to monthly at a reduced fee. Therefore, you may be placed on a waiting list.

How long you remain on the waiting list will be determined by the number of individuals in need on the list before you.

We have done our best to make ministry services affordable and available to everyone who comes.

Please pray and ask the Lord at what level He would like you to give. The Lord knows the minister’s needs and your means.